Come & Visit are welcome to Motuora. There are walking tracks and several sandy beaches with safe swimming. However there is no public ferry to Motuora and no wharf on the island. To get to the island you can join us on one of the regular working trips, or visit using your own craft. There is a campground and small bach on Motuora but bookings must be made in advance using the DOC website.

Getting into the water taxi at Motuora

Water taxis are also available from Sandspit, near Warkworth (Phone 0800 111 616). However, it will be necessary to make arrangements with the water taxi company about getting ashore at Motuora.

Preparation before visiting

Check your boat or kayak and gear for insects or rodent stowaways.
Clean your footwear, clothing and gear and check for seeds – weeds are a problem on the island.
Leave behind your pets – pets are not allowed on Motuora as they are a threat to native birds like the kiwi.
If camping, bring gas burners for cooking – there is a complete fire ban on the island.

Important information from the Department of Conservation

Please visit for information about pests on (or not on) islands and how to avoid introducing them.