Sunny Skies Bring Out The Geckos!

A captive Duvaucel’s gecko, released in February this year

Two weeks ago,the Massey Uni Gecko Team (Vivienne, Alaine, Manu and Mark) caught 11 Duvaucel’s geckos. Ten of these endemic lizards were fitted with small “backpacks” containing transmitters in an effort to further understand the movement patterns and habitat use of New Zealand’s largest living gecko species.

Alaine, one of the geckos we fitted with a “backpack”, seen basking on a Flax leaf


Vivienne, from the Massey Uni Gecko Team, radio-tracking Duvaucel’s geckos

One of the geckos we caught was identified as one of the original geckos released in 2006, when Duvaucel’s geckos were re-introduced to Motuora Island.

Meet Jack. He is one of Motuora’s resident Duvaucel’s geckos, originally released in 2006

During ourstay, we were also fortunate enough to encounter many other native species Motuora has to offer including Moko skinks, Brown Kiwi, Little Blue Penguins and a very cute New Zealand Dotterel chick!


A Moko skink

By Vivienne Glenday