November Workday 2014

As the planting for 2014 is complete the final Motuora workday for 2014 enabled volunteers and committee members to clear the upper twin dam of weeds, to prick out some seedlings and perform some essential maintenance of island equipment.

Weeding upper twin dam

Weeding upper twin dam

Over the last two dry summers the upper twin dam and the large pond near the water tanks have dried up. The large pond now has water but is still low. The upper twin dam is also dry. We hope that there will be enough rain this summer so that the dams will not dry out again.


Dry top dam March 2014

Also on Sunday Chris Green and 2 helpers checked the wetapunga hutches to see if any of the wetapunga released this year are still inhabiting these residences. Most, it seems,  have moved away. More details in a later blog.