Early Christmas present for Motuora!

On checking the gannet site this morning we were delighted to discover that one of the two eggs at the site had hatched and a gannet chick was safely tucked under one of its parents.

Newly hatched gannet chick on Motuora

We were also lucky enough to witness the parent gannet feeding the chick and at this stage the chick appears to be doing well. The enthusiastic parent was vigorously encouraging the chick to feed but was probably a little over enthusiastic in regurgitating a piece of squid about the same size as the chick! A small video clip of the parent gannet feeding the chick can be seen at http://youtu.be/jTpMFz8SC_U .

We will keep you posted on the development of this first chick and any news on the hopeful arrival of Motuora’s second gannet chick soon!

Sian and Toby



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