Another Kiwi on Motuora

Chelsea from Auckland Zoo showing kiwi chick prior to its release on Motuora

In January and again in March Kiwi chicks were released on Motuora as part of the Auckland Zoo’s kiwi recovery programme. Kiwi eggs from Northland are incubated and hatched at the Auckland Zoo and when they reach about 300 gm they are released on Motuora (and some other islands and mainland refuges in the Auckland area). The March release on Motuora was the 250th young kiwi to be released by the Auckland Zoo kiwi recovery plan.

As Motuora is pest free and has an abundance of new bush the kiwi grow rapidly. Although the intention of the Zoo programme is to recapture these kiwi when they reach about 1 Kg so they can be returned to Northland many evade capture and have started to breed on Motuora.

This was the 249th kiwi and its release on Motuora was witnessed by the many campers holidaying on the island.

2 thoughts on “Another Kiwi on Motuora

  1. The I was “blown away” by the first two aerial photos of the island showing the dramatic difference in the vegetation. Dramatic! 🙂 I wish I could help but am unable. The site is clear and easy to navigate for an old fella like me. Well done! We need more Kiwi’s like the people here and less like the Keys!

  2. Been away for a month so only just had time to open these pictures.Bought back many happy memories of both the planting days and the times we spent alone on the island.Great to see the progress and think we were asmall part of the exercise.Hope to make it out to the island early 2013.
    Best wishes to all the hard working committee for the festive season….

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