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Please support the Motuora Restoration Society

In the 1990s when The Motuora Restoration Society was established the Committee expressed their hopes for the future as:

It is our dream that future generations will enjoy a forest alive with native birds, reptiles and insects.

As you can see from the above 2015 satelite image, native bush now cloaks Motuora. This remarkable transformation of Motuora from farm to a treasured bush clad island and a developing sanctuary for native birds, insects, reptiles and plants depends on the volunteer and financial support of members and friends of the Motuora Restoration Society.

The Motuora Restoration Society depends on members and friends to help us protect and continue our dream for Motuora by assisting with on-going weeding, growing plants from seed, infill and canopy tree planting, track clearance and the specialised tasks associated with seabird, reptile and wetapunga translocation. So we still require people to volunteer for our workday trips to Motuora.

So please join our workdays if you can.

But we also need funds to pay for species translocations, boat trips to Motuora, weeding of cliff site, potting mix and tools for track clearing etc. So please renew your membership of Motuora or become a new member or make a donation.


You can renew your MRS membership on-line by paying into our bank account but please complete the Particulars and Reference details as listed so we know to whom to send receipts.
IF PAYING BY CHEQUE please make cheque payable to  Motuora Restoration Society and post with your contact details to:

Membership Secretary, Motuora Restoration Society (Inc.)
PO Box 100-132, NSMC, Auckland 0745
Subscription        $______($25 full or $5 student)
Donation             $______
Total Enclosed:    $______

IF PAYING BY INTERNET BANKING please use the Motuora Restoration Society Account Number: 02-0480-0126517-00 and include following details:

Particulars:  Your family name or Organisation Name

Code:          SUB    for membership

DON    for Donation

SUBD     for Membership & Donation

STU    for Student Membership

Reference: Your current Membership ID if known from a recent e-mail.
AND PLEASE e-mail: for receipt if you use Internet Banking.

 Please note the mrsadmin e-mail is temporarily out of action as we are moving our website to another host.

This is what Motuora looked like last century:

 And here is a beautiful image of Motuora taken in 2012 by Toby Shanley when he and his partner Sian Potier were managing Motuora for MRS.

So please continue to help us protect and nurture Motuora.

Bruce Ross, Membership Secretary

MRS Annual General Meeting



The Motuora Restoration Society’s AGM
to be held on
Sunday, 28th May 2017

at Red Cross Hall, 33a Silverdale St,

Silverdale at 1.30 p.m. (Opposite St Johns Hall)


  1. Minutes of May 2016 AGM
  2. Matters arising from Minutes
  3. Financial Report
  4. Chairperson’s Annual Report
  5. Election of Officers/Committee Members*
  6. Subscriptions for the 2017/2018 financial year
  7. Any other business

*The officers of the Society comprise the Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary, and the Constitution calls for at least two other committee members.  Nominations for all these positions will be accepted by mail, to be received by the Secretary at PO Box 100132 North Shore, Auckland 0745, by Thursday 25 May 2017 Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the meeting.  All nominees, proposers and seconders must be financial members of the Society.

After the formal AGM John Stewart, MRS Chairperson, will show slides and talk about the success of the Pycroft’s Petrel translocation to Motuora.

A pdf copy of our April 2017 Newsletter can be downloaded here.

We have a Pycroft’s petrel egg!

Pycroft’s Petrel egg

We have an egg! On arrival on the Island on the 9th
December, Morag and Simon Fordham began with a
check of the Pycroft’s petrel burrows and found a bird
incubating an egg in box 53. The band number was
207309. This bird had spent time in box 53 last year with
its (presumed) partner 207318. If all goes well this will
be our first Pycroft’s petrel chick to hatch on the Island.

Shelly Heiss-Dunlop's photos show adult Pycroft's found in box 61 by John and Kay on 30th October 2016. It was in the same burrow last year and is a bird from the first cohort brought to Motuora as a chick in 2012.

Shelly Heiss-Dunlop’s photos show adult Pycroft’s petrel found in box 61 by John and Kay on 30th
October 2016. It was in the same burrow last year and is a bird from the first
cohort brought to Motuora as a chick in 2012.

Click to see full sized images

 Fluttering Shearwater

We have a chick! When Morag and Simon moved on to
the fluttering shearwater boxes they discovered that the
egg found by John and Kay in October in box 7 has
hatched. Sadly, an egg in box 1 seems to have
disappeared. However, it’s good that box 7 is going
well as that one is in the new area we opened up last
year hoping to tempt the birds away from the
dangerous cliff-top sites.

Last Newsletter for 2016

The Motuora Restoration Society’s December Newsletter can be downloaded from here. We are delighted to be one of the recipients of the inaugural award from the international  Society for Ecological Restoration for restoration excellence.


MRS Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Motuora Restoration Society was held in the St John Ambulance Hall, Silverdale on Sunday 29th May 2016. As both Ray Lowe and Kit Brown, the long-serving Chair and Secretary of the Motuora Restoration Society, decided to step down from these roles during the past year John Stewart was formally elected the new Chairperson and Liz Norquay the new Secretary. Roger Harker was newly elected to the committee and Les Buckton, Colin Cordes, Kevin Hawkins, Helen Lindsay, Lakshmanan Nataraj, and Bruce Ross were reelected.

John Stewart, as acting Chairperson presented the 2015-16 Annual Report. A pdf copy is available here: Chairperson’s Report

The AGM concluded with Manu Barry presenting information about Duvacel Geckos.

All members and contacts on our database are reminded that we need to update your details so please reply to our letters and e-mails. You can renew your membership or join the Society by e-mail: or write to us at:

Membership Secretary, PO Box 100-132, NSMC, Auckland, 0745

Manu Barry talking about Duvacel Geckos at 2016 AGM

Manu Barry talking about Duvacel Geckos at 2016 AGM